Russian for Expatriates

Region and Language A (Russian III-8)
For 3rd-year students and above, Fall Quarter (from 2019), 1 credit
Instructor: Special Professor Arai Shigeru

Profile of Course Instructor:
Professor Arai graduated from the TUFS Russian department.  While being engaged in Soviet-Japanese cultural exchange industry, he worked at Sony, Inc., for 20 years, following which he worked at Fuji Film’s Russian subsidiary for 8 years.  Additionally, as a consultant on Russian business, he established in Moscow a recruitment and start-up firm for Japanese firms wishing to establish presences in Russia.  He spent a total of 25 years living in Moscow, including a 23-year-long uninterrupted stretch; during which time he used Russian on a daily basis, while also engaging in Soviet (later Russian) business.  After returning to Japan in 2014, he engaged in consultancy and translation work.  He has worked as the coordinator at the Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia)since October, 2017.

Course Goals
With the Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia), TUFS is engaged in promoting the training of specialists in Russian-Japanese business.  In this program, in addition to the existing coursework provided by the Russian department, participants have the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge that they can apply immediately upon embarking on their careers.  With this in mind, participants first acquire the basic knowledge they will need to succeed in business (particularly in Russian business), and then learn the corresponding Russian terminology and expressions.

Course Overview
The primary purpose of the course is for students to learn the basic knowledge (and corresponding Russian-language terms and expressions) necessary to deal with the kind of daily tasks they might face were they working as expatriates in Russia.

  1. Explanation in Japanese of the basic concepts that constitute business
  2. Introduction of the corresponding Russian terminology
  3. Essay and Conversation practice

2019 Course Schedule:
Class sessions are held every Monday during 2nd period, in room #311.  Registration code: 121318

  1. 7th – Introduction to the course, to social organizations, and to tasks typically assigned to expatriates
  2. 14th – Price-setting, etc.
  3. 21st – Sales contracts
  4. 28th – Logistics
  5. 4th – Engaging and negotiating with customers
  6. Nov. 11th – Operations meetings and the function of the controller
  7. Nov. 18th – Review and Quiz
  8. Dec. 2nd – Marketing
  9. Dec. 9th – Reading financial statements
  10. Dec. 16th – Personnel management 1 (from initial employment to termination)
  11. Dec. 23rd – Personnel management 2 (personnel assessment)
  12. Jan. 6th – Developing business relationships
  13. Jan. 20th – Written exam
  14. Active Learning (details to follow)