Cooperation with Other Organizations


Russo-Japanese Exchange Meeting
November 12, 2018
日露学生交流会At the invitation of the Japan Russia Youth Exchange Center, fifty six Russian students who are currently studying Japanese came to visit TUFS and participate in an exchange meeting. Approximately fifty TUFS students who are majoring in Russian, including students invited by the TUFS Student Mobility Program (Russia). Read more


TUFS Students Participate in Japanese Culture Event, Sunrise, in Moscow
March 30~31, 2019
Ikeda Sae as a volunteerAt VDNKh, a permanent trade show and amusement park in northern Moscow, a Japanese cultural event, Sunrise (Hi no De), was held in pavilion number 75, under the sponsorship of the Saison Group and E. N. International.  Two TUFS students who are currently studying at The Russia State University For the Humanities in Moscow, Ikeda Sae and Nemoto Akane, participated in the event as volunteers. Read more

Participation in a Cultural Exchange Activity in St. Petersburg
November, 2018
Tsuchida Makiko, a TUFS student currently on an exchange program at Saint Petersburg State University, participated in an event to raise awareness about Japanese culture by playing a traditional Japanese instrument. Read more

Volunteer Japanese Teaching at a Children’s Library
May~Jun, 2018
Ms. Oyogawa Yui, a junior in the TUFS School of Language and Culture Studies, participated in volunteer activities involving teaching Japanese to children, while she was an exchange student at Saint Petersburg State University. Read more

Participation in a Tree-Planting Project in Khabarovsk
May 1~6, 2018
From the 1st to the 6th of May, 2018, Mr. Utsunomiya Kai, a student at TUFS, participated in a tree-planting project in the city of Khabarovsk, while he was an exchange student at the Federal University of the Far East (located in Vladivostok). Read more