Promotion System

In its position as a domestic university, TUFS has been independently promoting the Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia) for the following reasons:

  1. TUFS has been engaged in the teaching of the Russian Language since 1873, and possesses the most sophisticated Russian language and research program in Japan, and has already produced a considerable number of graduates with expertise in Japanese and Russian economic relations, and in cultural interaction.
  2. With the cooperation of the Moscow branch of the TUFS alumni association (Tokyo Gaigokai), and the support of alumni, TUFS has established the TUFS Japanese-Russian Business Network, through which it will be possible to offer an even greater number of internship opportunities.
  3. Close communications have already been established on an inter-faculty and inter-staff basis between TUFS and its six partner universities in Russia. Additionally, TUFS has established a Global Japan Office (Overseas Office) at the Higher School of Economics, which will serve as the central hub for coordinating and maintaining collaborative education in the major universities of Russia.
  4. With faculty and program coordinators who are both fluent in Russian and who possess expert knowledge of the Russian region, including its history and culture, TUFS is uniquely situated to act as the central base of Japanese-Russian education interaction, and to engage in the administration of the Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia).