Second External Review Committee and Expert Conference

March 7, 2019 (Thursday)

全景.jpgThe Second External Review Committee and Expert Conference was held to discuss “TUFS Japan-Russia Student Mobility Program: Creating Business Networks and Fostering Human Interaction” conducted by The Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia).

The committee, which is an outside body, provides evaluation of the TUFS Japan-Russia Student Mobility Program, in the hope of providing ideas for ways to improve the program.  During this session, there were three members present: Kobayashi Fumihiko, Managing Director of the Itochu Group, Sato Junichi, professor emeritus at Tokyo University, and Kumabe Kensaku, Managing Director at Russia-Eurasia Politics Economics and Business Research Institute.  A remaining two members were absent, due to other engagements.  They are Umezu Tetsuya, Manager of Overseas Research in Russia and the CIS at JETRO, and Hattori Michitaka, Assistant Director for the Russia-NIS Economic Research Department of the Japan Association for Trade with Russia and NIS. 

Coordinator Arai explaining a point (far left), and from left to right: Professor Numano, Assistant President Hayashi, Assistant President Takeda, and Professor Suzuki

The meeting started with a greeting from Professor Numano Kyoko of the Graduate School of Global Studies, in which she addressed the suggestions made at last year’s committee meeting and how those suggestions had been implemented to improve the program.  Following this, Special Professor Arai Shigeru, who is coordinating the program, provided a description of how the implementation of the program in 2018 went.  A lot of time was devoted to explaining the internship program, to which TUFS has devoted significant efforts. Professor Arai gave a report about it using images, videos, and the program’s home page.  

With this in hand, the committee engaged in a lively Q and A session over how to promote development of the internship program, how to strengthen the emphasis on practical learning, how to utilize the special advantages of a university like TUFS in promoting students’ career skills, and a number of other points.  Finally, Professor Numano expressed her appreciation of these suggestions, enumerated her own thoughts on how the program can be improved in the future, and with that the meeting was adjourned. 

From the left: Committee members Kobayashi, Sato, and Kumabe