TUFS delegation visited affiliated universities and companies in Vladivostok.

March 2018 

Travelogue on University/Company Visits under the “Inter-University Exchange Program (Russia)”

The Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia) delegation consisting of Professor Kyoko Numano (Project Leader), Professor Izumi Maeda, Professor Shigeru Arai (Project Coordinator) and Ms. Aya Mizuta (specialist staff) visited Vladivostok from Tuesday, March 20 to Saturday, March 24, 2018.

The delegation met Mr. Evgenii Pustovoit, Head of the Department of Japanese Studies at Far East Federal University and explained the TUFS Inter-University Exchange Program (Russia). The delegation also discussed dispatching students of Far East Federal University to attend the TUFS Japan Russia Business Summer School scheduled to be held in July, and confirmed that both sides will strive to deepen exchange and cooperation between the two universities. Invited by Mr. Tatsuya Tanimoto, who completed master’s degree at TUFS and teaches Japanese at Far East Federal University, we visited the Japanese language class for the 4th year students at the Department of Japanese Studies. One of TUFS student studying at the university joined without advance notice in a role-playing assuming job interview in the class. We were very impressed by the high level of Japanese language proficiency and the witty replies of the students.

At the Consulate-General of Japan in Vladivostok, we had a meeting with Consul Keita Takayanagi and Vice-Cosul Kota Kageyama, who explained Japanese students’ safety management and visa issues. The Consul expressed his thanks to the two TUFS students for helping students at the local Japanese language supplementary school.

We were grateful to meet Mr. Seiichi Tsukagoshi (graduate of TUFS German Studies), Bureau Chief of NHK Vladivostok Bureau, Mr. Hidehiko Iwadare, General Manager of Vladivostok Branch Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC and Mr. Ichiro Mase (graduate of TUFS Russian Studies), Controller and Administration Manager of Iida Group RUS, all of whom we thanked for providing two TUFS students with internship opportunities from December of last year, and requested their continued cooperation.

At the Japan Center in Vladivostok, Director Kazuyoshi Mukai gave a lecture on the activities of the center, a mechanism of the special economic zone in Vladivostok, and various events related to Japanese culture and others, and examined the possibility of internship of TUFS students in several respects.

As TUFS students studying at Far East Federal University live in the dormitory, which is located in Russky Island rather away from the town center, it is quite difficult for them to go to the town to conduct internship activities. However, this visit confirmed the possibility of expanded internship activities.

(From left) Professor Pustovoit (Head of Department of Japanese Studies of FEFU), Professor Numano, Associate Professor Maeda, and a TUFS student at FEFU
Mr. Tanimoto, who teaches Japanese language at FEFU (4th from left) and his students
Consul Takayanagi (left), Vice-Consul Kageyama (2nd from left)
Mr. Tsukagoshi, Bureau Chief of NHK Vladivostok Bureau (2nd from right)
Mr. Iwadare, General Manager at Vladivostok Branch of Mitsui & Co.
Mr. Mukai, Director of Japan Center in Vladivostok (front right)
Mr. Mase, Controller and Administration Manager of Iida Group RUS (center)