TUFS Japan-Russia Business Network meeting held in Vladivostok

March 23 (Friday), 2018
TUFS Japan-Russia Business Network took place in Vladivostok on Tuesday, March 23, 2018. This was a meeting organized for the first time by United for TUFS on the occasion of the visit to Vladivostok by a delegation led by Professor Kyoko Numano, Project Leader, to hold discussions with local partners (Far Eastern Federal University and Japanese organizations and companies).

The meeting was attended by ten people, as shown below, including four delegation members:
Mr. Ichiro Mase (Controller and Administration Manager, Iida Group RUS), Mr. Seiichi Tsukagoshi (Bureau Chief, NHK Vladivostok Bureau), Ms. Risa Okabe (Vice-Consul, Consulate General of Japan in Vladivostok), Mr. Tatsuya Tanimoto (Japanese language teacher, Far Eastern Federal University), a TUFS student at Far Eastern Federal University, a 2nd year undergraduate student in Vladivostok, Professor Kyoko Numano (TUFS Graduate School of Global Studies), Associate Professor Izumi Maeda (TUFS Graduate School of Global Studies), Professor Shigeru Arai (World Language and Society Education Centre) and Ms. Ryo Mizuta (staff of the Global Career Center).

As many TUFS alumni work actively at Japanese affiliates and government organizations in Vladivostok, we seized this opportunity to bring together the TUFS alumni working here, students from Far Eastern Federal University and the 2nd year undergraduate student of Russian Studies at TUFS who happened to be travelling in Vladivostok at that time, to deepen understanding about the Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia) and to discuss about future exchange and cooperation.

All the participants enjoyed lively discussions about topics including how Japanese students live in Russia, their future life plans, details of the work TUFS alumni engage in, advice on working in Russian society, and hints on life in general. The meeting laid the foundation for smooth communications among the members for the future.