Talks with HSE Representatives

June, 2018 

On the 11th of June, 2018, Professor Maxim Bratersky, Associate Professor Uliana Strizhak, research fellow Mr. Andrei Skriba, of the Higher School of Economics of National Research University (HSE), visited TUFS for talks with Executive Director and Vice President Kayoko Hayashi, Professor Kyoko Numano, Professor Yoshikazu Suzuki, and Professor Shigeru Arai. The talks centered on the implementation of a joint degree offered by HSE and TUFS, as well as short-term exchange programs to be offered in summer quarter and winter quarter.
In conjunction with the Inter-University Exchange Project being undertaken by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, TUFS will be conducting the “TUFS Japan-Russia Business Summer School” program beginning this year; five students from HSE are expected to attend. While discussing preparations for this program, the representatives of the HSE expressed their desire that students from TUFS be able to participate in the summer or winter schools that are conducted at HSE. TUFS and HSE will continue further discussion to develop a program at HSE designed for TUFS students. Discussions concluded on a congenial note with the HSE representatives presenting their hosts with gifts from Russia.

(From the left) Professor Bratersky, Professor Suzuki, Research Fellow Mr. Skriba, Associate Professor Strizhak, Executive Director and Vice President Hayashi, and Professor Numano