Commemorative Lecture of the Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia)

On Thursday, January 11, 2018, a lecture titled “You Are Future Leaders Supporting Japan-Russia Economic Relations” was held to commemorate the selection of TUFS as a university participating in the Inter-University Exchange Project (FY2017). The lecturer was Mr. Hiroshi Meguro, who is a TUFS graduate from Russian Department and serves as Managing Officer and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (in charge of HQ Overseen Region) at Mitsui & Co.

Mainly targeting TUFS students and adults active in business between Japan and Russia, the lecture was a great success, attracting about 100 participants. In the first half, Mr. Meguro talked about the reasons why he chose Russian Department of TUFS and joined a trading company, the attractiveness of business in Russia, and the future outlook of Japan-Russia business by sharing his own experience. In the second half, he explained the investment businesses that he has been involved in at Mitsui & Co., citing as examples the operation of payment system by QIWI Ltd. (launched in 2010), now called Fintech, and other projects.

In addition, Mr. Meguro often mentioned his expectations for TUFS students to further promote Japan-Russia business as well as the qualities and education required to play an active role in business between the two countries. The lecture was extremely interesting and inspirational for students who want a career in Japan-Russia business. Even after the lecture ended, many TUFS students lined up for questions, showing their high degree of interest in this field.

Commemorative Lecture titled “You Are Future Leaders Supporting Japan-Russia Economic Relations” uploaded on Youtube: TUFS Channel

Professor Numano (left), serving as moderator, introduces Mr. Meguro (right)
Lecturer Hiroshi Meguro
Participants listening intently to the lecture
A student asking about the Sakhalin II Project