Four TUFS students participate in the 2nd Japan-Russia Student Forum

September 23-28, 2019

Following the first Japan-Russia student Forum, which was held in May, 2018 in Sapporo, the second forum was held in September, 2019 at Moscow State University. A cumulative total of 57 students from universities affiliated with the Association of Institutions of Higher Education of the Russian Federation and Japan, including 4 TUFS students, participated in the forum.

Commemorative photograph taken in front of Moscow State University

The Japan-Russia Student Forum is one of the activities carried out by the Japan-Russia Student Union, which was established during the 1st General Meeting of the Association of Institutions of Higher Education of the Russian Federation and Japan. Following the 2nd General Meeting held in Moscow, forum participants had the opportunity to attend lectures by Minister Yamamoto Toshio of the Japanese Embassy in Russia, and by Russian and Japanese university faculty, as well as engage in discussions and listen to presentations on a variety of themes. The Russian and Japanese students developed closer ties with each other both by staying together in the dormitory of Moscow State University, and by engaging in the forum program together.
It was decided that the third student forum will be held in Niigata one hand a half years from now. Preparations are already underway.

A conference
Presentation of group work by Russian and Japanese students.

Impressions of TUFS Students

  •  The forum was a very meaningful experience, particularly the university rectors’ conference, the lectures by specialists, the discussions, and the opportunities for sightseeing.
  • I feel confident that the opportunities for interaction between Japanese and Russian students provided this forum will have a positive impact on relations between our two countries.
  • I felt really keenly how differently Japanese people and Russian people approach problem-solving.