Internship held at a local corporation of Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Moscow)

February 6 (Tuesday), 2018
An internship was held on February 6 in cooperation with Yokogawa Electric CIS Ltd., a local corporation of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, in which nine outbound students studying in Moscow participated. The main business activities of Yokogawa Electric Corporation are manufacturing and global marketing of automatic control systems used in plants and factories. It started business with Russia in the Soviet era and founded a local corporation after the collapse of the Soviet Union. With its office building and R&D department in central Moscow and an assembly plant in Zelenograd in the outskirts of Moscow, Yokogawa Electric CIS’s business extends throughout Russia. The internship program consisted of a briefing in Russian by local staff and a meeting with Deputy Commercial Director, Mr. Yasuo Saito, a TUFS Russian-language course graduate, followed by a visit to the plant.
The students participating in the internship wish to work abroad using Russian and expressed great interest in how Japanese companies are managed abroad, how representatives work in Russia and how Japanese staff communicate with Russian staff members. Many participants remarked that there are places where liberal arts graduates can work in sales and marketing fields at manufacturing companies and this internship experience was helpful in deciding future profession after graduation. Most of the students reported as follows: Japanese companies are promoting globalization and localizing their offices at the same time, in which the ratio of Japanese staff working at local offices is low and many projects cannot be completed without communicating with other countries. For these reasons, the students found English important. Some students reported that the internship gave them the chance to rethink the role of Japanese representatives in assigning work in overseas markets to local employees. At the plant they were impressed that local employees are very proud of their brand. It was a day when they could learn valuable things they could not learn through lessons at university.

TUFS Students of listening eagerly to Mr. Saito, Deputy Commercial Director
Excursion around the factory with Factory Director

Outline of Internship

Time: 10:00-18:30 February 6 (Tuesday) 2018
Venue: Yokogawa Electric CIS Head Office Building (Grokholsky lane 13, bldg. 2, Moscow)
Yokogawa Electric CIS Zelenograd Plant (Proezd 4801, 7-3, Zelenograd, Moscow Region)
Participants from Yokogawa Electric CIS: Mr. Yasuo Saito, Deputy Commercial Director
Mr. Vitaly Sergeev, HR Director for Russia & CIS and General Manager
Mr. Sergey Kornilaev, HR Manager
Mr. Yuri Turchin, Head of Training Center
Mr. Nikolay Andrianov, Head of Mfg Assemling & Test Centre
Participants from TUFS: 9 students