TUFS student participates in an internship at SAMI, an IT company located in St. Petersburg

A student from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) participated in an internship at SAMI, an IT company headquartered in St. Petersburg.  The name of the company means, “on one’s own,” in Russian.  SAMI was incorporated in 2017 as a consulting firm focused on supporting economic cooperation between Japan and Russia.  The firm conducts surveys aimed at business matching and at marketing, while also providing translation and introduction of the latest information regarding IT-related information to both Japanese and Russian companies.  As it happens, the founder, Makino Hiroshi, is a TUFS alumnus, who until starting up his own company worked in a major Japanese IT company.

The TUFS student who interned at SAMI engaged in translation work related to articles submitted to the blog SAMI to Russia on such issues as Russian IT venture-companies, web services, start-ups, and also engaged in the drafting of articles for submission to Techwave, a major news-media corporation.

Below are the impressions of Makino Hiroshi, founder of the host company, regarding the student.

My initial impression of the intern was of how quiet he was; but working with him, sharing critical problem-solving ideas, I came to really trust him.  He demonstrated skills in gathering data, taking the initiative, and being conscious of the needs of others, I could see how he would earn the trust of co-workers in any organization.  I think it would be good if he were able to steadily improve his day to day work habits, and pay more attention to detail, and improve on his ability to deal with workplace problems.  I hope that he continues to take an interest in the potential of SNS to allow for market phenomenon to be more easily analyzed through objective data.

Overview of the Internship

Dates: April 7th to June 29th, 2018

Venue: SAMI office (bldg. 5, Udel’ny prospect, St. Petersburg, 194017, Russia)

SAMI host: Makino Hiroshi - SAMI executive

Student: Yokoyama Eiji (TUFS student)