※ The above photos are of an internship set up by the Deloitte Company, which involved group work and which was participated in by Japanese and Russian students, in June of 2018.

 The opportunity to participate in internships is available to both TUFS students who participate in short-term or long-term exchange programs at the six Russian universities that have partnerships with TUFS, as well as Russian students from those universities who are studying at TUFS.  With the support of the Japan-Russia Business Network, a multitude of different opportunities are being offered.  In the future, it is intended that through internships, participants will be able to hone their skills at negotiation and coordination, and in so doing foster their own talents at supporting high-level cultural and economic exchange between the two nations, in accordance with one of the eight items of the Russo-Japanese Economic Cooperation Plan, namely, to foster multi-level interpersonal interaction between the two countries.

 Further information about the internships which have been implemented can be found on the Russia or the Japan pages.

 These internships have been implemented according to the guidelines set forth by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Guidebook to Internships and Workplace Experience Activities.