First External Evaluation Committee for Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia)

March 2 (Friday), 2018

The first external evaluation committee for the Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia) “TUFS Japan-Russia Student Mobility Program: Creating Business Networks and Fostering Human Interaction” was held on March 2 (Friday), 2018.
The aim of the Committee is to contribute to the enhancement of the Program based on evaluation by outside experts. It was attended by five members: Fumihiko Kobayashi (Member of the Board, Senior Managing Executive Officer & Chief Administrative Officer, Itochu Corporation), Michitaka Hattori (Deputy Director General, Institute for Russian & NIS Economic Studies), Junichi Sato (Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo), Kensaku Kumabe (President, Russia-Eurasia Research Institute) and Tetsuya Umetsu (Director in charge of Russia and Eurasia Overseas Research Department of Japan External Trade Organization).
Following her opening address, Professor Kyoko Numano, Project Leader and Professor of the Graduate School of Global Studies presented an outline of the Program. This was followed by a report by Professor Shigeru Arai (Coordinator of the Program) of the World Language and Society Education Centre about the progress in FY2017, the student mobility program in FY2018, and initiatives for internships of special importance in the Program.
Based on these, the Committee had an active exchange of views, opinions, and questions ranging from a comprehensive perspective such as the positioning and features of the Program in the whole Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia), to the details of the outbound/inbound student program, internship, and desirable human resources to be fostered. The meeting was closed with the comment by Professor Numano that greater efforts will be made to enhance the Program based on the opinions expressed by the Committee.

Professor Numano (center) outlining the Program
Committee member Kobayashi (second from the back) making his statement
Outline of the Program